Monday, June 18, 2007

Some more sports

It's two to one, bottom of the ninth with two outs. The hometown hero stepping to the plate. The crowd tenses as the pitch is delivered.

But that's not the riddle.

No man on either side has reached second base. How can this be?


  1. Two to one... could that be the time of day rather than the score?

  2. By usual baseball lingo, I think Professor Don's answer is the only possible correct one, although 12:58 (two to one) is an unusual time for a baseball game to be in the bottom of the ninth inning, unless that's east coast time for a west coast game, such as if the Yankees were out west playing the Seattle Mariners.

  3. I meant two to one as the score of the game, but that's certainly a legitimate answer as it is worded.

  4. oh, i think i got it...the game is being played by women. no MAN has reached second base, but some women have.

  5. ^Yeah, that was my answer before I read the posts.
    I didn't even think of "two to one" as a time.

  6. Whereas all I could think of was Beethoven, performed at 12:58, with a few missing orchestra members. "Stepping to the plate" is a good metaphor, describing the young but popular conductor, asking the violin to provide a concert A for tuning...

    And "second base" is a sexual euphemism.

  7. Ok... that's a little bit strange.

    I was going for the 'no man' angle. In other words, at least some of the players were female.


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