Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baseball trivia

In baseball, how many outs are there in an inning?


  1. ah, another quick thinking riddle...

    there are 6.

  2. But there can be as many as 12 in a single inning. Who knows how?

  3. Not me, but I am very interested on how that is possible.

  4. At least 3.

  5. here's how you can have 12 outs in an inning:

    Top of the inning:

    First two batters make out (2 outs)
    Third batter strikes out, but the catcher drops the ball and the batter runs safely to first base. Pitcher is credited with a strikeout (3 outs) but the inning continues.
    Fourth batter strikes out (4 outs), but again the catcher drops the ball. Runner on first advances, while batter safely reaches first base.
    Fifth batter--same thing happens (5 outs) to load the bases.
    Sixth batter--makes out by any means (6 outs)

    Bottom of the inning:

    Same scenario, for another 6 outs.

    That's 12 outs total

  6. First base has to be open for the runner to try to take first on a dropped ball, so stolen bases would have to be a part of your guess Andy. If stolen bases are factored in that senario could repeat forever. Anyway, while the pitcher does get credit for a strikeout, it is not the same as an out. The right answer is 6.

  7. I'd forgotten about the open base rule. Still, it's an interesting scenario.

    I was going for six outs an inning. A 'quick' answer a lot of people would use is three.

  8. I agree with anon. I considered the catcher dropping the ball scenario, but it isn't an "out", the pitcher just gets one more K.

  9. i disagree. when you look at a stat such as "outs created", these show up as recorded outs.
    anyway let's not get too serious with it--i was just trying to make an interesting point.

  10. no andy, this is serious.

    just kidding. interesting thoughts.


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