Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sheep Counting

1) Why are 2002 pennies worth more than twenty dollars?

2) Juanita's grandmother is only five years older than her mother. How is this possible?

3) Farmer Bob has four white sheep, three black sheep, and one brown sheep at her farm. How many sheep can say they are the same color as another sheep at the farm?

Just so you know, the third one is more of a joke than a riddle.


  1. 1. do you mean, "'20 dollars", like dollars in 1920, which would be worth less than a penny somehow? (although it seems to me like a dollar was worth a lot back then, since it could buy a lot more...)

    2. it is her grandmother on her father's side, and her mother married very young.

    3. Farmer Bob is a her?

  2. 2002 pennies are worth $20.02...which is more than $20.00...

    Abe you are so silly sometimes!

  3. for #3, in addition to being confused about the gender of the farmer, I'm going to guess that none of the sheep can say anything, since they probably can't talk

  4. I don't see the riddle in question 1. Of course 2002 pennies are worth more than 20 dollars... 2 cents more. I don't get it. Or were you trying to trick us into thinking 2002 is a year?

    3. None because sheep can't talk? Either way, the sheep are making me sleepy...

  5. Ha! Bob is a her... oops.... I changed the name of the farmer and forgot to change the wording of the sentence.

    Rachele: All three of these questions are 'trick' questions. I just thought the third one was more of a joke than anything else.

  6. 1) 2002 pennies are worth more than $20 since 2002 pennies = $20.02.

    2) Her grandmother is her dad's mother.

    3) None, sheep can't talk.

    I never said it was a good joke! ;-)

    I've been thinking about it and Bob could be a woman's name. Not very common, but it does happen.


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