Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Question From Andrew

Andrew left this one after a previous post. He was kind enough to let me use it as a puzzle for today.
Andrew said...


I have my own puzzle for you all.

What is special about the following words?


Two clues to help a bit:

1) This is not an exhaustive list...these words just all share this special trait

2) The length of the words is not important.

I'm sure Andrew will be back tomorrow to answer this one, because I can't!


  1. You know, I've been pondering this since the first time you posted it, and all I can think of is that they're 1 syllable words with 1 vowel and 2 consonants...I'm stumped.

  2. They also all have short vowel sounds, but I know that isn't it, either - count me in as stumped! This had better be good...

  3. Looks like you stumped us all.

    BTW, if anyone else would like to post their own questions, let me know.

  4. The answer is that if you advance each letter by one in the alphabet, they all spell new common words:

    ADD = BEE
    DUD = EVE
    END = FOE
    ITS = JUT

  5. oh wow, that is pretty cool. Never would've gotten it.


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