Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Great Man ... or was it a Woman?

Name the word of three syllables, that when you take away five letters a male will remain. If you take away four letters, a female will remain. If you take away three lettters, a great man will appear. The entire word shows you what Joan of Arc was.


  1. i'm going with heroine
    he her hero

  2. Hey,

    I have my own puzzle for you all.

    What is special about the following words?


    Two clues to help a bit:

    1) This is not an exhaustive list...these words just all share this special trait

    2) The length of the words is not important.

  3. You got it: he, her, hero, heroine

    Andrew, I have no idea about your question. But, if you ever want to post one of these on the front page (even this one?), let me know! One time or many times, I would love it if you wanted to participate more. I could even post this tomorrow, if you want me to?

  4. Mike,

    Post it if you like...!


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