Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can you fix this equation?

| | = | | 3 3 5 5

You have four line segments to work with, can you insert them in order to make this equation work?

Can you do it with three lines? The equation doesn't have to be exact, but does have to be accurate to at least six decimal places.


  1. I bet there are lots of solutions when you use one line segment as a slash through the equals sign.

  2. Yes, but that would be boring. So, let's throw that possibility out the door and make the equal sign true.

  3. -11=11+33-55

    one line is the minus in front of the 11, two make up the plus sign, one is the minus in front of the 55. you could also do it another way:


    basically the same, just rearranged the signs.

  4. You got the four line segments, Abe.

    The three line segments answer happens when you put a line across the top of the first | | to make it look like pie. Then put 113 into 355. 113|-355 <- that's supposed to look like 355/113 using the old long division symbol.


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