Thursday, January 04, 2007


Can you guess the palindromes using the clues below? Palindromes are words that are spelled the same backwards as forwards. For example: eve and abba are both palindromes.

Example clue: Part of the body
Answer: Eye

1. Midday
2. A young dog
3. Flat
4. Word for addressing a lady
5. An Eskimo canoe
6. A system for detecting aircraft, ships, etc.
7. Grass that grows on the seashore
8. In music, half a semibreve
9. Doctrine
10. Restorer


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  2. Andy, I'm sorry, but I had to delete your comment. I try to keep this a kid friendly site and based on my morals, your comments at the end weren't.

    Andy's answers were:
    1. noon
    2. pup
    3. level
    4. maam
    5. kayak
    6. radar
    7. marram? had to look that up
    8. minim? also had to look up
    9. tenet
    10. reviver

  3. 1. Noon
    2. Pup
    3. x
    4. Maddam, mom, mum
    5. x
    6. RADAR
    7. x
    8. x
    9. txt (you could write it in a txt file)
    10. reviver

  4. Mike--heh--fair enough! You are the boss after all. In case any one is curious, I posted some of my own palindromes which were, as Mike suggested, not very kid-friendly. Heh.

  5. Nice answers Andy and karnov. I especially like txt.

    Answers below:
    1. Midday - Noon
    2. A young dog - Pup
    3. Flat - Level
    4. Word for addressing a lady - Madam
    5. An Eskimo canoe - Kayak
    6. A system for detecting aircraft, ships, etc. - Radar
    7. Grass that grows on the seashore - Marram
    8. In music, half a semibreve - Minim
    9. Doctrine - Tenet
    10. Restorer - Reviver


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