Monday, January 08, 2007

It's always

It's always 1 to 6.
It's always 15 to 20
and it's always 5,
unless it's flying,
when it's always 21.

What is it?


  1. I guess it's a die.

    It's always 1 to 6 when you throw it..comes up one of those numbers.

    It's always 15 to 20....I am guessing that this is the sum of the 5 exposed faces after throwing it, as that total is always between 15 and 20.....similarly that's why it's always 5 (for 5 exposed faces)

    And it's 21 only when flying, meaning that while in the air, all 6 exposed faces have a sum of 21.

    That's pretty tough.

  2. oooh... the good old 1d6. I would have never guessed.

  3. Thanks, I thought it was pretty tough myself.

    A die has six sides, 1 to 6. When it comes to rest, the sum of the five sides showing is 15 to 20. When it's flying (tossed in the air) the sum is 21.

  4. Nice job again, Andy. I was thinking of a clock face but couldn't make it work.


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