Monday, November 27, 2006

Three, it's a magic number

What three-letter word can be added to the following words to form three common six-letter words?

her, any, tom


  1. I guess it's bot..

    bother, botany, bottom.

    I question whether bot is a real word, and I question your clue of "adding" it...which definitely implies putting the new word on the end...

  2. Bot - bot is short for robot. I guess it would work

  3. Adding "bot" makes bother, botany, and bottom.

    Karnov, I thought bot was a word, and not just slang. Am I wrong?

  4. I should have said Andy and Karnov in the last comment.

    Andy (and I mean just Andy this time), adding can take place in either direction. And misdirection just adds to the spice of the questions. I do admit, I went in the wrong direction when I saw this puzzle, too.


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