Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Five couples are going on honeymoons to five different places where they will participate in five different activities. Determine the first and last names of each couple, where they went honeymooning and what activity they participated in.

1. Ethan, who is not married to Chrissy, admired the photos of Spain that Jacob Brown showed to him.
2. Matthew, whose last name is not Emerson, enjoyed Portugal.
3. The couple who went sightseeing did so in the Dominican Republic.
4. Sharon had heard lovely things about the Dominican, but decided to go to Spain.
5. Matthew and Tina are not married nor are Janna and Ethan.
6. Ethan didn't go stargazing.
7. The five couples are represented by the Peters, Cuba, Chrissy, Bradley and sailing.
8. Jacob, who isn't a Howe, felt a little seasick during his activity.
9. Patrick, who isn't married to Tina, wished he'd gone sightseeing like Bradley Green, but instead he ended up going shopping.
10. The scuba diving couple didn't do so in Cuba.
11. Bradley and Josie had a great time on their honeymoon.


  1. Thanks Sean!

    Bradley and Josie Green went sightseeing in the Dominican Republic.
    Ethan and Tina Peters went scuba diving in Mexico.
    Jacob and Sharon Brown went sailing in Spain.
    Matthew and Chrissy Howe went stargazing in Portugal.
    Patrick and Janna Emerson went shopping in Cuba.


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