Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Equal treatment

Can you move two digits so as to make this a true statement?

6145 - 1 = 6143

BTW, I can't believe how much traffic I'm getting from people looking to answer the leap frog puzzle. Who would have thought this many people would have as much trouble as I did doing this puzzle?


  1. Raise up the 1 and 5:
    6^1 4^5 - 1 = 6143

    Tricky, I know.

  2. How is that "moving two digits"? Isn't that adding symbols?

  3. It could be looked at that way, but I have no way of showing a superscript here. So, I had to indicate how the 1 and 5 were 'raised up' with the carats.

    Sorry if that seems like cheating.

  4. oh, good point. i see what you were going for.
    i didn't get the puzzle OR understand the explanation because i was thinking way too linearly.

  5. 645 -1 -1 = 643

    Use the ones from each to make the other - 1.


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