Friday, September 16, 2005

Wine anyone?

1)If you were to put a coin into an empty bottle and then insert a cork in the bottle's opening, how could you remove the coin without taking out the cork or breaking the bottle?

2)Speaker: "Brothers and Sisters, I have none. But this man's Father is my Father's son."
Who is the speaker talking about?


  1. 1) The bottle has no bottom on it in the first place?

    2) The father is a religious figure?

  2. 1) I'm clueless.

    2) The speaker is talking about his own son.

  3. 1. Push the cork all the way in

    2. I agree with Sam

  4. Sam and Gerald got it right.
    1) Push the cork in. No bottom to the bottle seems although it works, as a previous poster once put it, 'cheesy' to me ;-)

    and 2) the speaker is talking of his son, or you could say he's talking about himself.


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