Monday, September 12, 2005

Twins theory

Amanda and Bob are twins; Amanda is the OLDER twin. Assume they were born immediately after each other, an infinitesimally small - but nonzero - amount of time apart. During one year in the course of their lives, Amanda celebrates her birthday two days AFTER Bob does. How is this possible?


  1. BTW, let's ignore physics... no relativity stuff, please!

  2. They crossed a timezone at the end of february on a non-leap year on their birth?

  3. They are not twins with one another?


  4. Bob is schizophrenic and has no concept of time.

  5. "They are not twins with one another?" -anon

    I thought of that originally too, but it wouldn't matter if they were twins of each other or not because they were born only a fractional time apart from each other.

  6. Well, the really cheesy answer would be that Amanda CHOSE to celebrate her birthday two days later. You didn't say her birthday actually came two days after Bob's.

  7. You're right Stacey, that would be cheesy. It works, but it's not the answer I'm looking for.

    jj's answer would work, I think. But really, I think that's just as cheesy.

    I think they are twins.

  8. Amanda was born just before midnight on Feb 28.

    Bob was born a few seconds into Mar 1.

    In a normal year Amanda and Bob will have birthdays one day apart. In leap years they will be two days apart.

    *takes a bow*

  9. Sorry Gerald, but you've got it wrong. Amanda celebrates her birthday two days AFTER Bob does.

  10. Karnov was on the right track in his first post.

    The twins were born on an airplane (or a boat or whatever) as it was crossing the pacific ocean travelling from East to West. Amanda was born on one side of the time zone, on March 1st (before 1am). And right after they had crossed to the next time zone, Bob was born. Because the western time come after eastern time, so the clock was set back for one hour. Which means Bob was actually born on Feb 28th (right before 00:00am).
    Therefore, even though Amanda is biologically OLDER, Bob actually has the birthday first in term of calendar.
    So, Bob has the birthday 2 days before Amanda every leap year.


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