Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hanging Paintings

A painting has a rope that goes around in a loop. You can hang the painting on one nail. If you pull the nail out, the painting will fall. Can you hang the painting on two nails, so that if you pull ANY nail, the painting falls down? How about three nails?


  1. put the nails separated by a distance and put put painting above that ,touching wall.

  2. I believe the puzzle infers that the picture be 'hung by the rope' instead of standing it on two nails although that is a creative answer.
    It's hard to describe, but I would (starting from the right side of the right nail)
    -pass over the top of the right nail, then continue over the top of the left nail.
    -wrap under the left nail, then over the top of the right nail
    -wrap under the right nail, then go under the left nail
    -wrap all around the left nail.

    If you pull out either nail, the painting will fall. (Jim May)



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