Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Babysitting for Cash

Five young people have been babysitting to earn extra money. Each one is saving for something special. Using the clues given, figure out how much each makes per hour, how much each has earned so far, and what each is saving to buy. 1. Dylan has made the most, although he makes the least per hour. 2. Carson has worked 19 hours, 23 fewer than Wills. 3. Gray makes $4.75 and has worked 35 hours so far. She's saving for the bicycle. 4. The person saving for a computer (not Amelia or Ellis) earns $5.25 per hour and has earned $99.75 so far. 5. The one saving for the clothes is neither Elvin nor Jones. 6. Sands has worked 66 hours so far. 7. The person saving for college has worked 38 hours so far; the one saving for clothes has worked 42. Names: Amelia, Bobby, Carson, Dylan, Elvin, Last Names: Wills, Sands, Jones, Ellis, Gray Money Earned (so far): $264, $166.25, $99.75, $189, $190 $ per Hour: $4, $4.50, $4.75, $5, $5.25 Saving for: trip, bicycle, computer, college, clothes.


  1. Dylan Sands @ $4.00/hr x 66hrs, $264.00, trip
    Elvin Ellis @ $5.00/hr x 38hrs, $190.00,college
    Amelia Gray @ $4.75/hr x 35hrs, $166.25, bicycle
    Bobby Wills @ $4.50/hr x 42hrs, $189.00, clothes
    Carson Jones @ $5.25/hr x 19hrs,$99.75, computer
    (Jim May)

    1. C'mon Mike, it's been 12 days since your last posted puzzle. Is this "Question of the day" or "Question of the month"?
      Jim May


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