Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Socks Again

So, here you are, packing your socks up again in the dark. You would think you would have learned your lesson from the whole 'cat incident', but no. You still have 2 red, 4 yellow, 6 purple, 8 brown, 10 white, 12 green, 14 black, 16 blue, 18 grey, and 20 orange socks (see yesterdays post on sock packing). But on your last trip you were embarrassed to find you had ended up packing three pairs of orange socks. You certainly stood out in that crowd. And when your boss asked you on the third day if you even bothered to change your socks... well!

This time, you want to guarantee you have three different pairs, to make it clear, without having to say so, that yes... you do indeed change your socks once a day.

So how many socks do you have to pull out before you know for sure you have three different colored pairs?


  1. assuming the worst case that first u get some 11 socks 1 sock will get paired ,den assuming dat belongs to orange u need to remove 19more if u continuouly get orange socks +18more if u continuously get green socks +1 extra to match any other pair color

  2. This is the question I had meant to ask on Monday, but the wording was unfortunately vague. So, I had to make up an all new question to force the issue. I hope you didn't mind.


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