Monday, May 09, 2011

Boy Wakes Up

A man wakes up in the morning, but it is still dark out.  He lights 10 candles throughout his house as he gets ready to go out for the day.   A strong wind comes through the front window, blowing out two of the candles.  So he shuts the window.   He notices a wind blows through the back door, blowing out another candle, so he shuts the door.

He goes out for the day and comes back that evening.  How many candles does the man still have?


  1. 3 candles, the ones that blew out were left, and the ones that weren't all melted/ burnt out.

  2. Though if his house burnt down because the candles caught a curtain on fire, then there would be no candles.

  3. At least 3 cos we don't know how many he had before.

  4. Its no doubt a very well thought witty riddle! The first answer which spranged up in my mind was 7 after doing the typical subtraction. But actually the answer is 3 as the rest of the burning candles got melted by evening.So the answer is 3.
    Here's a mind teaser link for you too -


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