Thursday, February 03, 2011

I Am So Tired of Getting Snowed In

5 children in this puzzle had a bowl of cereal for breakfast with one drink and another bowl of cereal (different than breakfast) as an after-school snack.
The children were:
Dean, Emma, Julia, Patrick, Thomas
The cereals were:
Brownies, Cococrunch, Crumbler, Krispo & Wheeties
The drinks were:
Coffee, Milk, Orange Juice(OJ), Tea & Water.

1.The child who ate Wheeties for breakfast had a bowl of Krispo after school.
2.Emma wasn’t the child who drank coffee in the morning & ate a bowl of Brownies in the afternoon
3.The child who drank a glass of water with his/her Brownies at breakfast time is either Patrick of Thomas
4.Emma didn’t eat Cococrunch or Crumbler for breakfast
5.The child who had a glass of milk ate Cococrunch for breakfast, but not Crumbler as an after-school snack
6.Patrick drank either milk or tea for breakfast.
7.The child who drank coffee (decaf!) didn’t eat a bowl of Crumbler for breakfast.
8.Dean (who never drinks coffee) didn’t have a bowl of Crumbler for his breakfast.


  1. okay, so Emma drank OJ in the morning & ate a bowl of Wheeties, and a bowl of Krispo in the afternoon;
    Thomas: Brownies and water for breakfast and Crumbler in the afternoon;
    Dean: Cococrunch and Milk in the morning and Wheeties as an after school snack;
    Juliet drank coffe(decaf of course) and ate a bowl of Krispo at breakfast and Brownies after school;
    and finally, Patrick, who drank tea with his bowl of Crumbler in the morning , and had Cococrunch in the afternoon

  2. Dean Emma Julia Patrick Thomas
    Milk OJ Coffee Tea Water
    Co W K Cr Br
    W K Br Co Cr


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