Friday, December 03, 2010

Party Time

Lisa's mom was throwing a party for her daughter but got so caught up in doing the serving and the cleaning that she totally forgot how many kids came to the party.  Based on the trash, she knows that 10 kids had juice, 8 kids had cake, and six kids had both.

How many kids were there at the party?

Adapted from: Brain Teasers: 211 Logic Puzzles, Lateral Thinking Games, Mazes, Crosswords, and IQ Tests to Exercise Your Mind and Keep You Sharp 'til You're 100 (Brain Teasers Series)


  1. 12 kids attended...unless there were kids who didn't eat.

  2. I believe this is where venn diagrams provide a big help.

  3. 12 kids attended the party..

    The unknown..

  4. 12 kids = 2 had cakes only + 4 had juice only + 6 had both

    yup @jack, venn diagram comes in handy


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