Monday, November 29, 2010

Heather and the Donkey

Heather tied two sacks of salt to the back of her donkey and headed for the market to sell the salt. On the way, Heather and the donkey passed a stream. The donkey jumped in to cool himself. As a result, much of the salt dissolved into the water, ruining the salt for Heather but improving matters for the donkey because his load became much lighter. Heather tried to get to the market on the following days, but the donkey always ruined the salt. Finally, Heather decided to teach the donkey a lesson. She once again set out with the donkey and the two sacks.

What did Heather do differently this time so that after that day the donkey stopped taking a swim?


  1. Um, shot the donkey? Bad Heather!

  2. Wouldn't she just take the salt off the donkey when they reached the stream, let him jump in and then put the salt back on once cooled off?

  3. He put stones in the sacks of damn donkey.
    So after that day the donkey stopped taking a swim forever.

  4. One of the option could be to put cotton in the bag.

  5. shaved his back and made paper cuts so that the salt solution stung his wounds

  6. WOW! are some of you mean! (but I thought them, myself, so I can't say anything, LOL)

    Anyway, I was thinking put clothes or something in it. When the clothes got wet, the load would be heavier.

  7. This is one of those lateral thinking puzzles, so there's no real right answer (although I'm thinking some of your answers were a little bit on the wrong side morally, but they still made me laugh).

    One answer I've seen is to put two big buckets onto the donkey. When the donkey comes out, the buckets will be a lot heavier since they will be full of water.

    Personally, I like Lauren's solution best... very practical.

  8. Sand would work pretty well.

  9. Put NaOH In the bags, as it dissolves in water it should burn the donkey's skin until it dries off or he dies.

  10. woah, kiddyx, thats kind of disturbing....
    especially since it seems as if you really thought this out...
    my answer was the same as Sterling's


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