Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day at the Beach

Girl in Bathing SuitImage by anyjazz65 via Flickr
Yesterday was such a beautiful day, four couples decided to spend the day at the beach. They had a great day of fun in the sun. At one point, each couple went off on their own for a while to enjoy their favorite beach activity. Determine each couple's full names (one man's name is Hank), the color of each woman's bathing suit, and each couple's favorite activity.

1. Mark Collins and his wife were not the couple that liked to swim in the ocean. Rachel wasn't wearing a green bathing suit.

2. Mr. Bailey and his wife collected shells, but they didn't have blue bathing suits. Tabitha's husband wasn't Mark.

3. Peter's last name wasn't Delgado and his wife didn't wear a green bathing suit.

4. Sally and Peter were not the couple that liked to climb on the rocks along the shore's edge.

5. The woman in the red bathing suit loved swimming in the ocean. Louis, whose last name wasn't Colby, enjoyed sunbathing with his wife. Tabitha didn't wear the purple bathing suit.

6. Vanessa, whose last name wasn't Collins, went swimming with her husband.

To be clear, here are the names, activities, and colors.
Rachel, Sally, Tabitha, Vanessa
Hank, Louis, Mark, Peter
Bailey, Colby, Collins, Delgado
Blue, Green, Purple, Red
Climb Rocks, Collect shells, Sunbathe, Swim


  1. Hank & Vanessa Colby went swimming, wore red.
    Mark & Rachel Collins went rock climbing, wore blue.
    Peter & Sally Bailey collected shells, wore purple.
    Louis & Tabitha Delgado sunbathed, wore green.

  2. I got the same answer as Heather's.
    Took me a lot of time to solve it. :(

  3. Bwahaha. I got the same answers (and it took me awhile, too) and I absolutely LOVED the fact that Sally collected shells. I should have predicted that from the start. Also a fan of using the name Tabitha in a logic puzzle!

  4. Who am I to argue with Heather, Tabitha and guessthelogo? :-)


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