Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Does it Always Happen at a Bar?

At a local bar, three friends, Mr. Green, Mr. Red and Mr. Blue, were having a drink. One man was wearing a red suit; one a green suit; and the other a blue suit.

"Have you noticed," said the man the blue suit, "that although our suits have colors corresponding to our names, not one of us is wearing a suit that matches our own names?"

Mr. Red looked at the other two and said, "You're absolutely correct."

What color suit is each man wearing?


  1. Well, the man in the blue suit can't be Mr. Red (because Mr. Red responds to him) or Mr. Blue (since none of them are wearing the corresponding suit color), so he must be Mr. Green. Mr. Red can't be wearing the blue suit (since Mr. Green is) or the red suit, so he must be wearing the green suit. That just leaves Mr. Blue, who must be wearing the red suit.

    Mr. Green: Blue Suit (first speaker)
    Mr. Red: Green Suit (second speaker)
    Mr. Blue: Red Suit

  2. Yep, I got the same thing as oudeis.

  3. I thought this one was pretty subtle, but as usual, you all impressed me with how quickly you solved it.


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