Monday, January 12, 2009

Bird Gets Stuck

While mixing sand, gravel, and cement for the foundation of a house, a worker noticed a small bird hopping along the top of the foundation wall. The bird misjudged a hop and fell down one of the holes between the blocks. The bird was down too far for anyone to reach it and the hole was too small for it to fly out of.

Someone suggested using two sticks to reach down into the hole and pull the bird out, but this idea was rejected for fear it would injure the fragile bird.

What would be the easiest way to get the bird out of the hole without injuring it?


  1. If the hole can be filled with water so that the bird floats to the top, that might work...

  2. what if you stick a string down there with a piece of food on it and hope that the bird grabs it?

  3. Both good suggestions. This is one of those questions that could be answered in lots of different ways... from using water to 'float' the bird or using a string.

    But the answer I have is to pour a little sand (which you have a lot of on site) in at a time. Once the bird gets on top of the sand, you can pour in more. Keep going until the bird can hop out.


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