Monday, December 17, 2007

Do Geese See God?

What is special about the following phrase?

Doc, note, I dissent, a fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod.


  1. It's a palindrome. Reads the same forwards and backwards. These fascinate me.

  2. I guess it could also be a way of saying you are on a sea-food diet.

    Wouldn't it bee cool if every sentence you coudl say would be in a palindrome. would be strange.

  3. Palindromes are fun and fascinating things.

    But to say everything in the form of a palindrome would be very limiting. It would be like trying to sing your way through life (anyone see that episode of Scrubs?)

  4. Rats live on no evil star.

  5. Ma, I am a boy. Obama I am!

  6. Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.

  7. Peter Norvig claimed that he has the biggist palindrome in the world... i believe it!

    The palindrome has 17,826 Words in it!

    Go to this link to see it!!!

  8. i mean this link

    sorry :)

  9. wont lovers revolt now


    wont lovers revolt now

  10. I, man, am regal a German am I
    Never odd or even
    If I had a hi-fi
    Madam, I'm Adam
    Too hot to hoot
    No lemons, no melon
    Too bad I hid a boot
    Lisa Bonet ate no basil
    Warsaw was raw
    Was it a car or a cat I saw?

    Rise to vote, sir
    Do geese see God?
    "Do nine men interpret?" "Nine men," I nod
    Rats live on no evil star
    Won't lovers revolt now?
    Race fast, safe car
    Pa's a sap
    Ma is as selfless as I am
    May a moody baby doom a yam?

    Ah Satan sees Natasha
    No devil lived on
    Lonely Tylenol
    Not a banana baton
    No "x" in "Nixon"
    O, stone, be not so
    O Geronimo, no minor ego
    "Naomi", I moan
    "A Toyota's a Toyota"
    A dog, a panic in a pagoda

    Oh, no! Don Ho!
    Nurse, I spy gypsies -- run!
    Senile felines
    Now I see bees I won
    UFO tofu
    We panic in a pew
    Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo
    God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!
    Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog

  11. those are the lyrics to "bob"

  12. same backwards and forward! ahh decenttttttt [:


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