Thursday, July 12, 2007

These five people share a love of tennis. But - from the clues below - can you work out at which club each of the five plays, what their surname is, and how old they are?

Names: Anne, Carlos, Clive, Margaret, Stephen
Surnames: Atkins, Evans, Harrison, Kelly, Osuna
Clubs: Bartletts, Overhampton, Portland, Racquets, Worthies
Ages: 18, 30, 43, 55, 61

  1. Margaret joined Worthies club last Summer, and hopes to still be playing when she hits 40.
  2. Stephen isn't at Bartletts, whose member is the second oldest and isn't a Kelly.
  3. Anne, the youngest player, isn't a Harrison, and doesn't play at Overhampton, the club of Mr Osuna.
  4. Racquets only has male members - Carlos would never join it and Margaret Kelly can't! Clive is the second eldest player, being junior to Stephen Atkins.


  1. Here goes...

    Anne Evans, Portland, 18
    Carlos Osuna, Overhampton, 43
    Clive Harrison, Bartletts, 55
    Margaret Kelly, Worthies, 30
    Stephan Atkins, Raquets, 61


  2. I concur. After yesterday's question, that one almost seemed too easy!

  3. Who am I to disagree?

    First name Surname Club Age
    Anne, Evans, Portland, 18
    Margaret, Kelly, Worthies, 30
    Carlos, Osuna, Overhampton, 43
    Clive, Harrison, Bartletts, 55
    Stephen, Atkins, Racquets, 61

  4. Kudos to you, sir, for distracting me from doing more important things!

  5. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!


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