Monday, April 23, 2007

How Well Can You Count Jelly Beans?

Alice, Ben, Charlie, David, and Ed entered a contest to guess how many jelly beans are in a jar. Alice guessed 30, Ben guessed 28, Charlie guessed 29, David guessed 25, and Ed guessed 26. Two were off the mark by 1, one was wrong by 4, and one by 3. But one was correct. How many jelly beans are in the jar at the store?


  1. that would be 29 jelly beans =)

  2. Charlie with 29:

    For two to be off by one number, David (25) and Ed (26) cannot be winners (27 was not a guess).

    That leaves 29, with 30 and 28 as 1 away, 25 is 4 away, and 26 is three away.

  3. Here's my own puzzle for you all:

    If you approximate a pizza as a short, fat cylinder, and the pizza has radius "z" and thickness "a", what is the volume of the pizza?

  4. Andrew, who cares; just lemme eat it!

    No, but really...

    It's pi*z squared*a.

    Which - barely noticing as I typed it out right now - hilariously spells...


  5.'s a self-referential pizza!

  6. That was great, andrew! I really enjoyed the answer to that one.

    BTW, as tamara and mr don pointed out, there are 29 jelly beans in the jar.


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