Friday, October 20, 2006

What's next?

Z X C V B N ?

BTW, did anyone see the opening to The Office last night? It really made me think about this site!


  1. I don't remember. I haven't taken a vision exam in a while.

    that was a great question. it was eating me, trying to figure out where I had seen that pattern of letters before...

    yes, I saw "the office". it was hilarious.

  2. maybe that is wrong...I can't find it on google anywhere.

  3. mike, something is wrong with the site or something, this is the third time I've tried to post this...

    I'm a moron. the answer is "m" I won't spoil it for anyone else though.

  4. bottom line of the keyboard

  5. Sorry about that Abe. I had trouble with blogger all day yesterday. You get what pay for sometimes.

  6. The ones I think you are all going to look at and think "Why's he even bothering?" are the ones you always seem to have to work at. :-)

    It's the bottom line of the keyboard, making 'm' the next letter in the sequence.

    Abe, The best opening to the office was when Jim popped the balloon seat Dwight was sitting on.


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