Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pennies, Nickels, Quarters, Dimes...

If a penny is copper, and a quarter is silver, what color is a nickle?


  1. 75% Cu
    25% Ni

    Kinda like a sandwich material. Really just a copper coin with a nickel outside. Like a candybar with nougat.

  2. was that really a brain buster?

  3. I think Mr. karnov missed this one.

    A penny (currently minted) is copper - on the outside and zinc ont he inside, but still it is copper colored.

    A quarter is also a sandwiched coin with a silver/tin alloy on its surface, or the color of silver. The same for a dime.

    A nickle is nickle colored. I did not know that it had copper in its core, which seems counter-intuitive with the cost of copper.

  4. And a lot of copper at that. It currently costs $0.0102~ to make each penny. I could imagine how much the heavy nickle costs considering it is mostly copper. Kinda surprised it dosn't have zinc in it too.

  5. I guess it was a brain buster.

    The N-I-C-K-L-E is a green woodpecker. The coin is spelled N-I-C-K-E-L.

    Excuse me while I gloat for a minute. I actually got you all! :-)


    OK, minutes over.

  6. I noticed the misspelling, but was too busy yesterday to think further about it. But now I'm on to your little game...

  7. Mike---good one :)

    Enjoy your victory...this is the first one I saw that stumped everyone and wasn't actually confusing or incorrect :)

  8. I didn't think the spelling mistake was on purpose... i figured you just transposed the e and l when typing too fast.

    A nickel is nickel colored though.. at least on the outside... unless of course you scrape all the Ni off of it.


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