Thursday, September 21, 2006

Reverse the words

The second word will be the first word reversed (e.g. tar & rat)

1. As he was packing the _____ he noticed a few _____ on his arm.

2. He got a _____ for putting the papers in the _____.

3. She was so _____ she forgot to make the _____.

4. The poor man had to _____ next to the pile of orange ______.

5. The _____ was wearing a _____ so he could be recognised.

6. The _____ had made just one _____ in their class project - they had forgotten to add the flag at the back.


  1. 1. ?
    2. ?
    3. stressed - desserts
    4. sleep - peels
    5. gateman - nametag
    6. pupils - slipup

  2. 1. straw - warts? I'm not sure about packing the straw, but I guess that is what you would do if you were a hay farmer or something...

  3. Straw > Warts
    Reward > Drawer
    Stressed > Desserts
    Sleep > Peels
    Gateman > Nametag
    Pupils > Slipup

    I would have thought gateman to nametag would have been a bigger hurdle? Nice job Abe.


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