Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quick logic

Rana, Toni and Millie are sisters. Their ages are 9,12 and 14 years.
You need to deduce which sister is 9 years old, which one is 12 and which one is 14.

You have two clues:
Clue 1 : Toni's age is not in the 4-times table.
Clue 2 : Millie's age can be divided exactly by the number of days in a week.


  1. Rana - 12

    Toni - 9

    Millie - 14

    but I am sure it is not this simple!

  2. That's what I got as well. I'm going to have to get to the site earlier next time!

  3. Yes, it's that simple. They can't all be tricky and hard! ;-)

    Toni is 9 years old, Rana is 12 years old and Millie is 14 years old.


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