Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring

While on a trip Jim and his mom and dad went out in the rain. They had no umbrella, did not stay under the awning (or any other protection), and did not have rain coats. Nor did two of them protect the third. Only two of them got their hair wet. Why?


  1. Only two of them have hair. One is bald.

  2. I'm guessing one was bald.
    (jim May)

  3. Jim was an unborn baby......

  4. 3rd person was bald.

  5. Because one of them has leukemia.

  6. Jim was still in his mom's belly

  7. One was bald, or had a hat (they said nobody was wearing a raincoat, nobody said there weren't any hats)

  8. You're all so quick at this. I was thinking baldness, but having an unborn child is creative!


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