Thursday, March 29, 2012

How is This Different

One of these words is not like the others. Which one, and how is it different? Race... borrow... taste... suspect... drive... dive.


  1. I'm going to go with borrow, because it is the only word that can only be a verb and not a noun.

    But, there's also:

    Race is the only one capitalized.

    dive doesn't have 3 dots after it.

    borrow is the only one with double consecutive letters.

  2. Here are a few more possibilities (at least one for each word):

    -race (only verb to add a syllable in the third person present)
    details: (race/s; vs. borrow/s, taste/s, suspect/s, drive/s, dive/s)

    -borrow (cannot make a new valid word by appending one of its own letters)
    details: (race/r, taste/s, suspect/s, drive/r, dive/d)

    -borrow (does not contain the letter "e")
    details: (self-explanatory)

    -taste (only word to contain two consecutive letters in an uninterrupted alphabetic sequence)
    details: (ta[st]e)

    -suspect (only word that ends in an unvoiced letter)
    details: (t; vs. e/w/e/e/e)

    -drive (all others contain another valid word starting at the second letter)
    details: (r/ace, b/or/row, t/as/te, s/us/pect, d/i/ve)

    -drive (all others contain a periodic table abbreviation starting at the second letter)
    details: (r/ac/e, b/o/rrow, t/as/te, s/u/spect, d/i/ve)

    -drive (contains an odd number of distinct letters)
    details: (race, borw, tase, supect, dive; vs. drive)

    -dive (only strictly intransitive verb) (cannot say "they x them")
    details: (self-explanatory)

    I'm leaning toward the first option ("race"), maybe...

  3. "borrow" is the only word that is only a verb; i.e., instead of both a verb and a noun.

  4. All of the words except borrow have the letter e

  5. Wow... that's all I can say is wow!

  6. Suspect changes pronunciation when used as a noun vs a verb.

  7. also all the words but 'drive' have a past tense form using "ed" as in borrowed.

    Where as the past tense of drive is driveN


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