Friday, October 28, 2011

Run to the Water

Fifty people are standing on the beach. One of them pulls out a gun and says "I will shoot the last one that gets in the water."

There are two people left on the beach, one of them is running to the water, the other one is you.

What would you do?

Frustrated with my iRoomba lately.  I think it needs a new battery,  I hope it works.


  1. Shoot the person running to the water, because you must be holding the gun.

  2. Don't do anything:

    If you run toward the water and the other runner beats you to it, you are the "last one that gets in the water", and will thus be shot--but if you don't go into the water at all, you certainly cannot be the last one to do so; the other runner, upon entering the water, will the the last one to get in, and will thus be shot.

  3. Wow, both of those answers seem right to me!

  4. Ah, I like oudeis' answer. It's a little less evil than mine.

  5. kill my self, i am the last one out of the water and i am the one with the gun so it is only fair.


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