Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Eight Lab Rats Work on Their Logic

Eight lab rats (Nolan, Shorty, Spike, Evelyn, Herman, Dottie, Ruth, and George) are dispersed among an arrangement of ten boxes as represented above by the letters A to J. The boxes connect vertically and horizontally, but not diagonally. Eight boxes each have one rat, and two boxes are vacant. From the clues given, determine where each rat is and which boxes are vacant.

1. Herman is in the same horizontal row as either or both vacant boxes.
2. Shorty connects with Ruth.
3. Nolan connects with a vacant box but not with Dottie.
4. Shorty connects with a vacant box.
5. Evelyn is not in B or I but does connect with Spike.
6. Nolan has a corner box.
7. A vacant box connects only with George and Evelyn.
8. Dottie is in G.

 Found this one at Crad Kilodney.

1 comment:

  1. As there was no specific arrangement given for the setup of the boxes, I went with a simple 5 horizontal and 2 vertical. A-E are from left to right on the tip horizontal line, and F-J are left to right on the bottom. This left the arrangement as follows:

    A: Vacant
    B: George
    C: Herman
    D: Shorty
    E: Vacant
    F: Evelyn
    G: Dottie
    H: Spike
    I: Ruth
    J: Nolan


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