Thursday, June 09, 2011

Teacher is so Smart

After studying roman numerals for a short time, the teacher had given the class some free time.  Sally's teacher walked up to her desk and saw that she had written:
XI + I = X
on her paper.

He was quick to point out her mistake.  Sally protested, saying she had it right.  After demonstrating what she meant, the teacher apologized and moved on.

What did Sally point out?


  1. I like this one! A bit of transformational (rather than lateral) thinking needed.

  2. Turn the equation upside down (180 degrees) to read as X = I + IX.


  3. I think the numbers need to be read from right to left. IX+I=X
    i.e 9+1=10

  4. If the teacher was walking down the row of desks, from the front of the classroom to the back, she would be looking down to Sally's equation from the head of Sally's desk - not over Sally's shoulder. In short, Sally wrote it so the teacher would see the answer from the teacher's perspective as the teacher walked down the aisle.


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