Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can You Pass The Stupid Test?

This test is really easy, though it amazes me how the smartest people don't pass it. Half of the people I gave this test to failed.

What is the color of the sky?

What is the color of a number two pencil?

What is the color of stainless steel?

What is the color of a leaf?

Does a rose have thorns?

Does a dog have ears?

What is the first question I asked?


  1. "Can you pass the stupid test?"

  2. I'm going to admit that I'm easily tricked but I think the first question you asked would be in thee title, Can You Pass The Stupid Test? Although since you typed this the first question you ever asked could have been something like, Mommy?, when you first learned how to talk.

    On a side note, half the time I forget to read the title.

  3. I'm going to have to agree with Dan, here. I wouldn't have passed this test at all, so it's a good thing I gave it! ;-)

    As Courtney says, the answer was "Can you pass the stupid test?"


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