Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All I Want is the Candy

You and a friend pass by a standard coin operated vending machine and you decide to get a candy bar. The price is 95 cents but after checking your pockets you only have a dollar and the machine only takes coins.

You turn to your friend and have this conversation.

You: Hey, do you have change for a dollar?
Friend: Let's see... I have 6 US coins but, although they add up to $1.15, I can't break a dollar.
You: Well, can you make change for half a dollar?
Friend: No.
You: How about a quarter?
Friend: Nope. And before you ask I can't make change for a dime or nickel either.
You: Really? And these 6 coins are all US government coins currently in production?
Friend: Yes.
You: Well can you just put your coins into the vending machine and buy me the candy bar, and I'll pay you back?
Friend: Sorry, I'd like to but I can't with the coins I have.

What coins does your friend have?


  1. A dollar coin (those new gold ones), a dime, and five pennies.

    Er...wait. That's seven. Gotta think about this some more.

  2. He has one fifty cent piece, one quarter, and four dimes.

  3. But then he could buy the candy bar, Emlyn, with the 50 cent piece plus the quarter and two of the dimes.

    (And tabitha, the pennies would be change for a nickel anyway.)

    This is hard.

  4. Last time I checked, candy machines don't accept 50 cent pieces.

  5. Good thought, Braden, but Emlyn is correct. You can't put a 50 cent piece in most vending machines, so with just a quarter and 4 dimes, that only leaves $.65 - not enough to buy the candy.

    Good one Emlyn!

  6. Wow this is hard I'm not to sure.... All I can think of is if she/he had a siver dollar a dime and 5 pennies. But I don't know

  7. There are 4 dimes, a quarter, and a 50 cent piece. Most vending machines, and notice I said standard, do not take 50 cent pieces.

    Of course, nowadays, they would have taken a dollar bill instead.

    Well done Emlyn!


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