Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Four Balls in a Row

Four balls are placed in a row. The red ball is next to the green ball but not next to the blue ball. The yellow ball is not next to the blue ball. What ball is next to the yellow ball?

1) The red ball
2) The green ball
3) The red and green ball
4) Not enough information?


  1. Yellow ball is next to the red ball. You just have to realize that the blue ball MUST be on the end (since there's only one ball it can be beside) and the rest falls into place.

  2. It would go yellow, red, green, blue, I think.

  3. my answer is GREEN

    because, red ball is next to green.. so it is GR already..
    and we assume that the blue is the end ball.. so it is GRB already..
    yellow ball is not next to blue ball so it is the first fall.. YGRB already

  4. it can BGRY or YRGB, cause if the yellow can't be next to the blue so it will be next to red for sure, as the blue can only be next to the green, the only one that "likes hime".

  5. It's next to the red ball. For example blue, green, red, yellow...context clues lol...

  6. ok this was rlly easy.. haha



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