Monday, September 22, 2008

Baseball Trivia

Seven batters come up in an 1/2 inning, yet no one scores. How is this possible? There are no substitions.


  1. They all only advance one base at a time. And the person on third gets out before making it home.

  2. Batters one and 2 fly out. Batters 3,4,5 get on base, loading the bases. Batter 6 hits a grand slam, but never touches first base. According to the rules of Baseball, the pitcher cannot protest to the umpire until the seventh batter comes up to hit. When he comes up to hit, the pitcher protests, and Batter 6 is counted as out, without getting even a single, and the inning ends.

  3. Could bases be loaded and from there on each batter strikes out?

  4. "Could bases be loaded and from there on each batter strikes out?"
    Even then, that only accounts for 6 batters.
    The three on the bases, and then the three strike outs.


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