Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nothing Like a Little Math to Wake You Up

The local kids basketball team has seven kids. From that group of seven, there are 21 different starting teams of five players. If Joey plays on the team (he's one of the seven), what's the likelihood that he is one of the starting five?

Assume that the coach feels that all kids deserve a shot at starting, no matter their ability.


  1. Wow, Mike, this should be one of those SAT questions where they give you way way way too much information to solve a problem, and people end up wasting like 5 minutes on a problem that should take 5 seconds.

    Obviously, if there are no preferences on who starts, then one guy's chance of making the starting 5 on a team of 7 is 5/7.

  2. Sometimes it's funny the way things work out. You can do lots of work to get the 15/21. Then you sit back and realize that's just what you should expect it to be, 5/7.


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