Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is it raining again?

The science teacher loves to trick his class every year with his lesson on making a cloud in a very large water jug.

To make the cloud he fills the jug with a gallon of water, starts a match and lets some of the smoke seep into the jug (the water needs something to cling to to make the cloud).

Then he starts to pressurize it manually. He gets a pump and he starts pumping it. He pumps for about a minute and still no cloud. All of his students think he is doing something wrong, but he just isn't done, yet. What's the last step?


  1. I think the last thing is opening the jug and POOF! cloud in a jar. It's been years since i have watched Bill Nye or something.

  2. That's right, all he needs to do is release the pump, which will make the water cling to the smoke.


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